Email Marketing: Are you Pushing Or Pulling?

Push or pull…that is the question.  Whether ’tis better to push your prospects and leads, or pull them, through the sales process.

And the answer is…pull.  Human nature causes us to resist the pushing process. Maybe it was the school yard bully who shoved us around, or that we saw pushing our best friend into a corner.

Whatever the reason is, we don’t mind so much being pulled, especially when we know we’re being pulled gently toward something  mysterious, alluring, or with the promise of reward.

Actually, as you pull your prospects and customers through the process, you’ll  be showing them.  Showing them the benefits …in an engaging, energetic way that hooks them emotionally.

Let’s say you’re sending an e-mail message with a sales pitch to the cat owners who’ve signed up to receive offers from your pet food website.  You’ve just purchased for resale a good, high quality cat food that you know has  the best ingredients,  and you’re able to place it with prospects and customers for a price that creates profit for you, and a savings for them.  You want to move it quickly while it’s still really fresh.

You could attempt to push your prospects to a sale by saying  in the content: “This is the most wholesome cat foot in the marketplace today. You”ll be making a big mistake if you don’t accept this offer immediately and place your order now.  I am telling you there is no better product out there.  

You need to buy this product from me.  It’s cheaper than you can find it at pet stores, and I’m offering you a money-back guarantee.  I’m even throwing in a bag of special treats for your cat. Click the Buy button below.” 


”    Or, you could pull them through by showing them the way:

When you’ve experienced the luxurious feel and luster of your cat’s fur after a regular diet XYZ cat food, you’ll wonder what took you so long to switch.  And what cat lover can resist the satisfied purr of a contented and well-fed feline sitting on your lap?  A cat that feels good, sheds less and plays more.  Show me a cat with all that, and I’ll bet the cameo my Grandma left me that they’re on a diet of XYZ cat food. 

This is the cat food choice for long-hair, short-hair, and no hair cats of all breeds and colors…and their owners…in all the show circuits…as well as the caring homes of both pedigreed and non-pedigreed “paw print” homes everywhere.  The ingredients in this cat food are the finest meats, vegetables, and grains available…the same ingredients used by gourmet chefs to prepare meals in five-star restaurants.

And, for a limited time only, you can purchase the XYZ brand for pennies a day, significantly less than local pet store prices.  This generous, good-as-gold offer is available to you when you order right now.   Like all of the products you’ve purchased from me in the past, it comes with the same solid money-back guarantee.  I want all of my feline friends to be totally satisfied, and to know if I do get a return, their owner won’t be out a penny. Even the most finicky cats in the many show circuits I’ve attended have never turned up their noses at the XYZ brand, but I’m aware, there could be that one particularly persnickety feline friend who will challenge us to create something even better.   

To give your beloved furry…or fur-less…feline an extra treat…and of course you a better value…if you place your order within the next 24 hours, I’ll include a box of XYZ2 kitty treats.  These treats will have them jumping high to beg for “just one more.”  And with the extra vitamins…and a little catnip thrown in… you won’t feel at all guilty if you give in to an extra treat…or two.

Imagine…in as little as a week or two, you could be the proud owner of a show quality cat, whose bright eyes, sleek, shiny coat, and svelte saunter are making you the talk of the neighborhood.  And all because you chose to order the one cat food on the market today that will make your tabby cat… or any cat… a happy, healthy cat who loves the chef as much as the meal.”


Maybe you’re not a cat owner…or as I refer to myself…a cat staffer.  I hope this illustration, however, gives you a good feel for the difference between the two styles.    Which e-mail ad would you be most likely to respond to…the push…or the pull?

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