Does Size Matter in Email Marketing?

Does the size of your font, the size of your subject line, the size of your email matter to your prospects and customers?

Yes.  At least that’s what my customers have said, along with a number of studies that have been done.  While it’s certainly tempting to add style and pizazz with different sizes and styles of fonts, and to brighten your text with italics and bold face, that may, unfortunately,  not be what your email readers see.

Size matters for text.  Some email programs don’t read special formatting, so what your reader gets may look more like a foreign language than the sharp, smartly dressed email you thought you sent.   Many programs also allow the user to set the preference — plain text or rich text — so whatever your intent, it goes unnoticed.  If the receiver’s program isn’t conversant with the sender’s program by design or preference,  what they get…is not what you sent!

To have the message received in the manner in which it was sent, it’s best to stick to common fonts like Arial, Times, Verdana, Trebuchet or Geneva.  Nearly all programs use these fonts and it’s less likely your message will get mistranslated by the system than if you choose to work with more exotic fonts.

Unless you’re certain of the system and e-mail program choices of all your recipients, it’s best to just keep the formatting simple, using only keyboard characters and styling that are the most common to all systems.

Size matters for capital letters also.  In cyberspace, ALL CAPS is considered shouting, and shouting is rude wherever you are.  So, unless you really are shouting in your email marketing message, avoid all caps.

Size matters for subject lines.  When it comes to subject lines for email, six words or less is the rule of thumb.  You want your subject line to be short, and succinct.  It needs to clearly convey the purpose of the message, and the content.  You want it to convey that message and content with passion; to create curiosity, show the benefit and entice the reader to open it.  All of that…in six words or less.

And did I mention key words?  Not overused key words like FREE, or guaranteed, or approved, but key words that tune the reader in immediately to what’s contained in your email.  Studies also show that using your company’s name increases the open rate about 5 percent.

The size of attachments to your email also matters…sometimes enough to determine if your email will get through the email filters…or not.  So I recommend you keep attachments to a minimum, but when you send them be sure they are between 50K and 2 MG.  This is the size range most likely to get through the filter without interference.  Anything over 2 MG may not get through at all, so if you have an attachment larger than 2 MG, be sure to contact the recipient first to make certain their email box will accept a message that large.

Remember…before you send your email, proofread it.  Once you hit the ‘send’ button it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.  Use the right size email marketing package to send the right message correctly…once.


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