Do You Make a Difference?

As a writer and internet marketer, I think one of the most important questions I can and must ask myself is… “Will the work I just did make a difference in someone’s life?”

A Real, Genuine Difference.

People consume experiences, not stuff.  When you’re making a difference with your presence on the Web, your visitor will experience it. 

Whether you’re selling or giving away information… or a physical product…your website is For a Reason. The question you want to ask is …”Does it bring focus on what really adds meaning to your visitor’s lives? Will it, or does it make a difference?”

Focus is created by experience. The memories, the emotions, and the connections of the experience. When a visitor reaches your website, can they relate quickly, through their past experiences, or through what they want to experience now? Is it the thousand words or the picture? Or both?

Think about selling a communication device. There are iphones, blackberries, cellphones, etc. etc. etc. It isn’t the device, however, that the visitor wants. It’s what kind of experience they can expect when they use it.

For example, if you were building a website to sell a communication device, you might consider the following:

Connection: “Are all your friends using the new [fill in the blank…communication device]?” and/or..”Want the security of an immediate connection to home, the hospital, AAA, or 911?”

Emotions:  Since what evokes emotion in each of us is different, knowing what is powerful and moving for your visitors is important…and not always easy.    Words can be powerful, but pictures quicker.   Videos, with both pictures and words, can reinforce connection quickly.  Either one or both of the scenarios above, with many others, can be created on video, and can evoke an emotional response in your reader. 

A video on your website that evokes the emotion of being together with others — by “linking” through the device, and/or the emotion of fear — relieved — through a recorded scenario of the use of the communication device when someone’s  just been involved in an automobile accident, or many other video depictions you could use, will  focus the visitor on the emotion of the experience they can expect…if they acquire the device.

Memories:  Our experiences are built from our memories.  It is how we give meaning to the things that have happened to us in our lives.  It is how we build our identity and relationship with others and the world.  Memories serves as tools with which we position ourselves in one experience by comparing it to previous experiences. Our emotional processes, values, and identities are primarily determined by how to interpret our memories.

The words and pictures, or video, for auditory and visual communication, must evoke memories.    Words, with emotional content, can and do evoke memories by building relationship thought. The recent death of the pop star, Michael Jackson, has evoked a memory of some kind in millions of people.  Whether their perception of “who he was” is positive or negative, millions of people have a memory association with Michael Jackson.  The memory, for most, is not of the man himself…whom most of us have never met…but of the perception of the impact he had on us in a given moment of time.  For example, did you see a movie with Michael Jackson music that made you laugh…or made you cry?  Or attend a concert with a friend who has since died or moved on? 

What memories that could be common to a large segment of your intended audience can be reached…and focused… on your website?  Is there a photo or video capture that has someone like Michael Jackson using the communication device you are selling?  Can you use it in a positive setting to evoke memories…and associated emotions… that can reinforce the “benefits of the benefits” of the device?

Something that’s important for me, and I hope for my readers, is that I want to make a difference in a positive and ethical way.   

Whether in some large or small manner, if my communication helps my visitors to focus on what really adds meaning to their lives, it can be transformational. 

My wish is that all transformation make a positive difference in the Universe.

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