Connections and Collections in Email Marketing

Have you noticed a new trend in your email lately?  I’m not sure who started it, but it’s definitely catching on, and growing.  For all my loyal fans and readers, and the budding online entrepreneurs you may know, it’s something to consider…something I’m strongly encouraging my clients to do. 

I call it neon networking.  It’s bright, bold collaboration.   Here is the essence of what it is and how you can do it:

Find others in your field who are selling a similar…but different…product.  If you’re not sure what that looks like, take a page from the self-help field.  There are numerous modalities of products and services that are available.  They all focus on helping you find a solution to an issue that may be keeping you from leading a full and satisfying life…be it spiritual, mental, or physical.  They offer many different approaches for you to consider, and many are now networking to support the overall field and one another.  You could, for example, get an email from a newsletter to which you subscribe that endorses another person’s book.  If you buy the book through the link they provide, you get the book…and bonuses from others in the field. 

How does it work and who benefits?  Actually, everyone benefits.  You, for starters,  get more than the book…often the bonuses are worth far more than the dollar value of your purchase.  Next, the person or company who sent you the email gets a commission from the book sale under an affiliate or other agreement.  Then, everyone who added a bonus that came with the book offer gets a lead…an opportunity to sell you one or more of their products.  In order to get the bonus (whether you decide to buy something from them or not), you have to provide an email address.  Then, in nearly all cases, there is an offer of an upsell that is included in the link to the bonus.  Or, you may be asked to subscribe to a newsletter which provides another opportunity to offer you their product.  Everyone wins.

Now…how could you make it work for your business?  What are your good “connections and collections?”   Let’s say you have a website that sells flea collars and other accessories to dog owners.  Approach a  group of… similar but different… entrepreneurs including groomers; someone who sells grooming tools; someone with a great book on dog grooming and/or training;  a veterinarian; a dog sitter;  a dog walker and a kennel.  Put together a list of offers that could feature a product or service from each entrepreneur, with bonus gifts from everyone else in the list, and an agreement on commission or affiliate percentages for each product sold.  Then, agree on timing and rotation of the various offers, hire a professional writer to put the package together for each entrepreneur’s email list, set the timing, the auto-responder sequence for each email letter, and you have networked to win.  The purchaser gets the product plus bonuses, and the seller, whether as the direct seller, the affiliate, or one of those offering a bonus, gets the opportunity to sell…repeatedly.

Some say these are hard economic times.  I think it’s more accurate to say these are great creative times…these are the times that, when we are willing, we can find new and better ways to fill the needs of our customers and prospects.  These are the times that allow us to show new strengths, make new friends, and work together to build prosperity for everyone.


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