Color Your Email Messages Hot

Want your email messages to sizzle?  Want them to attract attention…and then hold that attention beginning to end?  Want them to excite your prospects and customers?

Then color your email messages…hot

The psychology of color is now a well-established field, and anyone in marketing should have a good understanding of this topic.

Why is this important?  Because colors affect our behavior.  And your color choices, whether you are aware of it or not, are sending a specific message.

While hotter colors…oranges, reds, yellows and earth tones warm us up, cooler tones…blues, greens and pastels, cool and relax. 

Generally… in North America.

Different cultures have different color associations.   In America, black is associated with death; white in China and Chinese culture, and purple in Brazil.  Northern climates respond more favorably to cool colors, while tropical climates respond more favorably to warmer colors.

If you’re in business, and using any kind of color to draw attention, then the first consideration when you plan the design of any promotional materials, is to look at the market research of color reactions by your target audience.   

Here are some research results, for North America, that may be helpful:

  • Red-orange, according to market research,  attracts the impulse buyer, along with black and royal blue. 
  • Teal, pink, light blue and navy…warm the budget shopper.
  • Pink, sky blue, and rose…are attractants for the traditionalist.

So…who’s in your target market?  Find the colors that they respond to, and use them.

Use the right colors…at the right time…for the right reason. 

Red draws attention.  It is totally the right color to create excitement and to pull the eye to a specific spot…like a headline.  Too much, though, and it’s draining.

Blue is nearly everyone’s favorite color…in moderation.  In the USA, blue is normally  associated with dependability…certainly a favorably association for email prospects and customers.   

Green goes with money, conservation and growth.  Green is frequently used on health and financial sites, and in association with both wealth and wellness.

Yellow  is the color of sunshine.  It is associated with optimism and happiness, and has been shown to induce the release of serotonin…the feel good chemical of the brain.  However, a little goes a long way, and too much can be overpowering.

Use colors judiciously.  Use of color can add big impact.  It can also overwhelm if the splash of color is a big puddle.

So color your email messages hot…just enough color to create the connection you want to have with your target audience…to put them in the frame of mind that leads them to the action step that will improve their lives.

And…of course…yours as well. 




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