Writing for Profit and Fun

I’ve noticed something.  Many marketing and writing gurus are boring.  Don’t get me wrong…some are excellent teachers, and there is great information being formatted every day in different ways that help you create your marketing and writing style to fit your market.

The one thing I find missing, though, in many “how to” books, articles, blog posts, and videos, is the lack of humor…the thing that not only keeps you engaged, but helps you find ways to engage your prospective market.

I read an email this morning about the joys of motherhood.  A great post, timed perfectly to coincide with the upcoming celebration of Mother’s Day.  The email described the scramble for sanity in a 3 small-child household with everyone getting ready to take Mom out for breakfast.  The middle-child, a 2 1/2 year-old was “missing” in the house, and discovered in the bathroom, putting chapstick on the cat’s butt.

His mother had previously given the child permission to use her chapstick on his own lips, and had shown him where she kept it in the bathroom.  When Mom entered the bathroom and observed what he was doing, he simply said “Chapped.”

The picture formed immediately in my mind, and I burst out laughing.  Mom, undoubtedly along with the rest of the family, was thinking about how many times in the past that chapstick had gone from the cat’s butt to their lips.  Owwww…makes you pucker, doesn’t it? Continue reading

Who Will You Follow?

Hero or heroine? Who are yours? What are the characteristics that define who we look up to and choose to emulate…in business and in life?

I am fortunate. When I first started my company, and began looking for a true marketing guru whose skill set was exceptional, and from whom I knew I could gain the expertise to become not just a good, but a great, copywriter, I found one.

In my journey to find someone who not only had the knowledge I sought, but the ability to teach it well, I discovered how important it is to choose who you follow carefully.  The characteristics of who I want to emulate as I do business include: Continue reading

How to Stay Strong Despite the Obstacles

What are the things that really trouble you as a business person?

Are they like my challenges…sometimes it seems there’s not enough money, not enough time, boring work, or just not knowing where to go to find necessary resources.  And I have a few odd-ball challenges as well:

  • There’s no cat on my lap or in the basket next to me.  You may consider that an odd challenge, but as a writer, I do a lot of work at home, and I am the first to admit, I get  inspiration from the bundles of fur and purrrrrr that normally supervise my every move.  If they’re not around, I feel bereft, lonely, and sometimes idea-less.
  • My coffee cup moves.  I don’t know how it happens, but one moment it can be right beside me, where it belongs, and the next…even though I have absolutely no recollection of putting it anywhere else…it’s gone.  I get up, go to the kitchen, wander the house, and sometimes it won’t show up for days.  If I ever catch the “coffee cup thief” I’ll have a word or two to say to them!
  • The heat goes up and down.  Yes, I have a thermostat.  I leave it set at 68 degrees.  Yet somehow, one minute  I am freezing, and then 5 minutes later, I’m cooked.  I tell myself that it’s because I get so excited about a new communication idea or topic for one of my clients that I get all heated up, and then as the excitement of the moment dies, my temperature drops.  My doctor thinks I’m nuts.  Oh, she doesn’t come right out and tell me that…but she has this “look.”

I know, these odd-ball things seem quite trivial.  And sometimes they are.  But sometimes they are absolutely THE most important thing there is, and I can’t possibly get to the real worrisome stuff until I resolve one of these little problems.

Then, of course, there is what I consider  the big stuff.  Like how to make more money when I want  to.  How to create time.  And how to have fun while I’m working.   I have to say, though, sometimes the big stuff seems easier.  No, I haven’t found the perfect system yet, but I have discovered a few secrets to meeting some of these major challenges: Continue reading

Megawatt Words That Attract Within Minutes

What are the things that magnetize you to the television set?  Is it the horrific sight of bloodshed or the volcano that’s set to erupt at any moment, and you are mesmerized by the bubbling lava whose slightest change in hue is broadcast constantly?  Or…perhaps it’s the overnight sensation on YouTube, like UConn football player John McEntee dunking the football in the basketball hoop from mid-court,  or knocking the bottle off the top of his friend’s head  that catches and holds your attention.

The question is “What attracted you?”  What originally pulled your attention to the television or the video?  Well, it was probably megawatt words.   A word or words that evoked an emotion.  Maybe a friend told you about the YouTube video…and said “You should watch this, Dude” with such admiration that you were immediately sucked in.  Or a word you heard that triggered a memory of something that happened to you, or someone you knew, in the past.

Words trigger emotions.  Emotions trigger a response.  But…not all words.  Words that are ordinary, mundane, or speak to our moment-to-moment existence, do little to feed an emotional response.  For example, “The sky is blue” is unlikely to evoke the same response as “Wow, I’ve never seen the sky with so many different shades of blue…look…the blue near that dark storm cloud in the western sky is almost purple, while the sky further to the east near that snow-covered mountain top with the sunshine hitting it, is the most brilliant blue I’ve ever seen.”

Words that are extraordinary, and tell a story that capture the imagination, or the subconscious mind, feed the primal layers of emotional response, whether that response be fear or joy, with the full range of how visceral that response is.

So…how can you create megawatt words?  Where do they come from?  I have a few suggestions for you to consider. Continue reading

I don’t Believe in Santa Claus

There is an urban legend that has been cited as the work of various radio and television personalities, including Andy Rooney and Paul Harvey. It has been floating around in e-mail and posted in numerous blogs for the last few years.   Snopes has determined it to be compilation of various authors, not including either Andy or Paul. Regardless of who the actual author is, I want to include this urban legend in my blog today as a reminder that as an American, Christmas has a very significant meaning for many. It is both my right and privilege to respect and honor the meaning and tradition of Christmas as the birth of Christ, and for all of us to give thanks for all that we have been given, and in turn, to share our gifts, whether large or small, with one another in the spirit of Oneness.

My husband and I have different spiritual beliefs.  While strong in our own separate beliefs, we are one in our respect for our privileges, and in our ability to honor the other, not despite of, but because of our differences.  In the United States, we have the freedom to worship…or not… as we choose.   We have that right not because of what we did to earn it, but because of what others died to create and protect for us. I am grateful for that freedom and, including all of its blemishes, for this great country in which I live.

I hope you will read, enjoy, and contemplate not only the words of this urban legend, but the intent with which it is offered in this Season of Hope and Joy: Continue reading

The Cat’s Secrets of Successful Marketing

For anyone who has  a cat…I know that you know…that they know…exactly how to get your attention, and keep your attention until you have served whatever need they may have in the moment.

As a cat staffer…I would never say cat owner, because one of the first things cats communicate is that no one owns them…I have observed my cats carefully to discern their secrets of getting you to do exactly what they want.  Those observations have lead me to propose cats are excellent marketing masters…and are happy to train anyone willing to pay attention…how to discover “what the prospective client wants.” Continue reading

Is Writing Riches by Ray Edwards Right for You?

All my subscribers know that I am a Ray Edwards fan…and that he’s my mentor, teacher, and friend.  You may or may not know that he is one of the very top Web copywriters…in fact as it says on the cover of his new book…”the Web’s #1 Product Launch Copywriter.”

He’s not paying me to write a critique.  I won’t make a dime.  In fact, he doesn’t even know I’m doing it.

But…I have to.  I have spent hours reading, re-reading, high-lighting, putting tabs on places I will go back to again and again.  Techniques I will use for myself, clients and prospects.

You can look at all the endorsements in the book…from some of the best web marketers in the world like Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime, Matt Bacak, Joel Comm and Michael Fortin…and know this book will be an instant best-seller.  So my critique is totally unnecessary.

But…it could result in one more book sale, and even more importantly, one more person who benefits from the techniques offered in this book.  Someone who succeeds as a result of what they learned. Right now, the economy sucks.  So one more book sale will make a difference.  One more entrepreneur who succeeds because of the book…makes an even greater difference.

If you are currently marketing on the Web, without the kind of success you want to achieve, here are the top ten reasons this book may be right for you:  Continue reading

Confessions of a Serial Writer

Whether it’s just a note, an email to friends, or a long epistle on some philosophical subject, you can identify the traits of a serial writer quickly…they have something to say about most everything…and in writing.

How do I know?  Because I am one.  I make notes all the time…sometimes it’s a header topic that pops into my brain.  Sometimes it’s just 140 characters for a ‘tweet.” Sometimes it’s a brainstorm of ideas that I know I have to get down on paper because I want to share my thoughts on them, or figure out how to use them to help someone else improve their business…or their life.  Continue reading

Do You Have a Blob or a Blog?

Say that really fast two or three times after a few glasses of wine….”Is it a blob or a blog?”

A blob, by loose definition, is a gob of matter of some vague or indefinite form, generally viscous…of a glutinous nature.

Not to be confused…?  with a blog, which is, by loose definition, an online personal journal meant for public consumption. Continue reading

Why It’s Good to be a “Newbie”

So you’re new to the article market world of writing.

And you think that being new, it’s going to take forever to get published…that you’ll have to go through a lot of pain…a lot of rejections before anything happens.

I want you know that hundreds of editors say you’re wrong — that most are more open to new writers than you might think.

And there are a few major benefits to being a new writer too. So before you spend too much time trying to determine how you can appear to be a published professional writer when you’re not, consider taking advantage of your current position as a newcomer.

What are the advantages? Here are four positive points of being a new writer that will help you get work – and they all come direct from editors. Continue reading