Megawatt Words That Attract Within Minutes

What are the things that magnetize you to the television set?  Is it the horrific sight of bloodshed or the volcano that’s set to erupt at any moment, and you are mesmerized by the bubbling lava whose slightest change in hue is broadcast constantly?  Or…perhaps it’s the overnight sensation on YouTube, like UConn football player John McEntee dunking the football in the basketball hoop from mid-court,  or knocking the bottle off the top of his friend’s head  that catches and holds your attention.

The question is “What attracted you?”  What originally pulled your attention to the television or the video?  Well, it was probably megawatt words.   A word or words that evoked an emotion.  Maybe a friend told you about the YouTube video…and said “You should watch this, Dude” with such admiration that you were immediately sucked in.  Or a word you heard that triggered a memory of something that happened to you, or someone you knew, in the past.

Words trigger emotions.  Emotions trigger a response.  But…not all words.  Words that are ordinary, mundane, or speak to our moment-to-moment existence, do little to feed an emotional response.  For example, “The sky is blue” is unlikely to evoke the same response as “Wow, I’ve never seen the sky with so many different shades of blue…look…the blue near that dark storm cloud in the western sky is almost purple, while the sky further to the east near that snow-covered mountain top with the sunshine hitting it, is the most brilliant blue I’ve ever seen.”

Words that are extraordinary, and tell a story that capture the imagination, or the subconscious mind, feed the primal layers of emotional response, whether that response be fear or joy, with the full range of how visceral that response is.

So…how can you create megawatt words?  Where do they come from?  I have a few suggestions for you to consider. Continue reading

How to Develop an Interactive Social Media Community

There are many in the business world that believe the only reason to have an internet, online presence, with the use of social media, is because there are statistics that say it can increase a company’s return on investment (ROI).

No doubt, it can.  Have you heard the term “business transparency?”  If you haven’t, you either will soon, or should.  What it means is that, as a business, you want to be seen as open, honest, and responsible.  Increasingly, customers and stockholders expect it.  Just as they expect a very visible, on-line presence. Continue reading

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media Goals for 2011

Like most entrepreneurs, I am self-motivated…most of the time.  I also suffer the bane of most entrepreneurs, I know that I can be lazy if I want to…no “9 to 5” rules to restrict my activities.  To make sure I stay engaged, I think it’s important I  renew my “Resolve to Succeed” goal every year.

For the many years I spent in Corporate America, there were new goals at the beginning of each year…rules to live by…a measuring stick.  Measure up…or measure out.  Exceed and succeed.  And I loved the challenge of it.

Now that I have my own corporation, however, I want  goals that are a little more fun-based.  Goals that incorporate “measure up or measure out”, as well as “exceed and succeed,” but with a different slant. Goals that use the “SMART” system…Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound…as well as…well… fun.  I want goals that challenge, engage, and create in me the mental attitude of success, and goals that make me smile because others succeeded with me and shared the success. Continue reading

Three Social Media Success Measurements

Social media…is it in your arsenal of marketing weapons?  If not…it’s certainly time to add it.

Why?  Not because it’s the “in” thing to do, but because it can allow you to reach your target audience faster and more effectively.  Social networking, via social media,  is the way people globally are communicating in the 21st century.  You join a social networking website and you can start finding like-minded people in a particular area or niche.   While the original concept was simply to develop personal social connections, businesses…especially online businesses…quickly saw the opportunity to share business information.     Putting out sound bites on sites like Twitter, Facebook, My Space, businesses have the opportunity to reach a large and diverse global audience at very little cost. Continue reading

Seven Agents for Successful Marketers

Have you ever thought that all successful marketers must have an even more successful agent?  If you have, then you’re right.

In fact, most successful marketers have at least seven agents.  And the best part is, you can employ them all to achieve greater levels of success than you ever dreamed possible.

Am I tweaking your curiosity?  Are you wondering who you can afford to hire that will guarantee your success…and not just one agent but seven?  If so…keep reading…’cuz here they are: Continue reading

Do You Have a Blob or a Blog?

Say that really fast two or three times after a few glasses of wine….”Is it a blob or a blog?”

A blob, by loose definition, is a gob of matter of some vague or indefinite form, generally viscous…of a glutinous nature.

Not to be confused…?  with a blog, which is, by loose definition, an online personal journal meant for public consumption. Continue reading

It’s Not Just About Selling…is it?

When you came to Internet marketing, I’ll lay odds that you didn’t come strictly to …sell. 

I believe very few people are called into this world strictly to…sell. 

That is, in the hard core… “She could sell ice cubes to Eskimos”… sense.    Salespeople who really don’t care about the product…only their ability to manipulate others into doing their bidding…feeling the power of total control.

Most of us, instead, begin with a passion to have others experience something wonderful we have discovered or created.  You want to share.  It’s our nature.  And what better place than the Internet?

So why do so many hesitate to share…to offer goods or services to others?

In large part, because you perceive it as selling.  The perception many people have of selling  is that it requires an aggressive personality and the absolute ability to influence others into buying a product…whether they need..or  Many equate selling with the used car sales lot…with that pesky salesman who somehow pushed you into buying a car that wasn’t really what you wanted years ago. Continue reading