Do You Have a Blob or a Blog?

Say that really fast two or three times after a few glasses of wine….”Is it a blob or a blog?”

A blob, by loose definition, is a gob of matter of some vague or indefinite form, generally viscous…of a glutinous nature.

Not to be confused…?  with a blog, which is, by loose definition, an online personal journal meant for public consumption. Continue reading

Gold Medal Contenders Only

Yes –this blog post is a blatant affiliate plug for an internet marketer, Armand Morin.  Not just any internet marketer, though.  Armand is a top internet marketer…for a very good reason…he’s really good at what he does.  And a very good reason to follow Armand is…he’ll teach you how to be really good!

And…Yes, it’s true — if you follow my links and go to Armand’s event, I’ll make a few bucks.

More important, though, if you decide to go, you’ll benefit in so many ways, you’ll wonder what took you so long to connect.  If you want to be a gold medal contender for internet marketing,  get the coach who can teach you exactly how to win gold.  He knows how…because he’s done it! Continue reading

What Do Warren Buffett & Deepak Chopra Have in Common?

Deepak Chopra is one of the best known and most respected names in mind/body medicine.  Warren Buffett is one of the best known and most widely respected names in investment strategies.

What did you think when I mentioned these two names together?     Were you curious about why these two highly respected people popped together into my mind?  It’s really fairly simple to me…I see them both as “whole brain leaders.” Continue reading

Why Whole Brain Marketing Works

Right now, many people in America are either out Christmas shopping, or deciding what gifts are best suited for friends and family, and choosing how to most closely match those items with what they decide to spend. 

You may be on the buying end.

Or, you may be hoping to be on the selling end.  If your wallet or purse is looking pretty empty, you may be hoping to sell a product and make enough profit that you can afford to buy something for someone else. 

How you make your buying decisions should parallel how you make your selling decisions…with a whole brain process. Continue reading

Why Whole Brain Leadership Works

Welcome to your future. 

Welcome to the “Conceptual Age…a future that’s already here.”  

A term coined by Daniel Pink in “A Whole New Mind”, the Conceptual Age is an era that arrived with “globalization, the shipping of white collar work overseas, technology advances eliminating many kinds of work, and a material abundance that is deepening our nonmaterial yearnings.”

Arriving, surviving, and thriving in the Conceptual Age means we must find a new way of doing business…with a new leadership style…Whole Brain Leadership.

Continue reading

Do You Have an Idea Checklist?

Whether you’re considering marketing a product as an affiliate, creating your own new product, writing a book, or selling a service, here are 7 key considerations for your idea:

1. What are your strengths? Do what you know, and what you’re interested in. If you’re not an expert in the area you’re interested in, that’s OK. Get someone involved who is an expert, and use their expertise to help you create a better, more marketable product.

2. What are you passionate about? It’s always easier to bring a product or service to market when you’re genuinely passionate about it. What moves you? When you’re focused, and driven by something you’re passionate about, the passion shines. It pulls prospects and/or readers to you. Continue reading

Are You Marketing to the Whole Brain?

More than just having lemonade at a lemonade stand, with a price sign, the true young entreprenuer will entice neighborhood prospects with “Wow, look at the sweat pouring off you. You must be really thirsty.” Or…”Since you’ve just been out jogging, it’s obvioius you care about your health.

This isn’t just any lemonade I’m selling. This lemonade is made from fresh-squeezed organic lemons, fresh from the tree this morning. While I could be selling it for a lot more money downtown, I want to offer it to folks in my neighborhood at nearly a give-away price for the quality.”

The true entreprenuer will market to the prospects’ Whole Brain…and never have an extra glass of lemonade left over at the end of the day.

People don’t buy rationally. Much as we may like to think otherwise, most purchases are not made from our rational, logical mind. They are, instead, made from a combination of emotions, habits, and logic… in that order. Continue reading

Whole Brain Leadership

In Western society, particularly America, leadership is typically left-brained.

Why?  Because leaders are chosen for their knowledge…their knowledge of a particular industry, and how and where all of the stovepipes of the industry go, and how they must function to make the business work…how all the widgets fit together to make the perfect product.

And where does knowledge come from?  The left brain.   The side of the brain that thinks linearly, making logical, rational decisions.

We have created, trained and chosen leaders who are  “well-educated manipulators of information and deployers of expertise.”      We have taught in our schools and in our businesses the logical, linear thinking that created the Information Age.  

There is now more than ample evidence to suggest an imperative for immediate change in how we train and select our leaders! Continue reading