Give More, and Give Up Less

Are you, like me, in the service business?  Have you been looking for some “expert” advise on how to earn more money, without giving up your life?

I’ve started taking advise from some of the experts, like Seth Goden, Pamela Bruner, Jack Canfield, Ray Edwards, Brendon Burchard,  and a host of others about how to do just that.  This is “my take” on what it takes.  And, what I’m doing to move my business in the direction I want to go.  No, it’s not a book, just a quick blog post for busy readers to consider.

It seems as simple as A, B, C.  BUT…it takes dedication.

A) Give MORE

  • Give more information — BUT be specific.  Ask more questions of those you serve.  Find out what they really need; what drives them; what keeps them awake at night; what they want to bring into the world, or what they don’t want in their world anymore.  If you’re working with large groups, that can seem daunting, but there may be far more similarities in their needs than you think.  Provide possibilities, different ways of accomplishing what they want in their own way, with their own style, and at their own pace.
  • Give more understanding and compassion.  In business as in all of life, nurturing will help your clients prosper. And when they prosper, they’re more inclined to shine a light on you to help you prosper as well.
  • Give of yourself.  Everyone has challenges.  Talk about your dreams, your passions, your determination, and what you’ve gone through to get to where you are — whether you’re at the top in your field, or still on the 2nd rung.  Let them know they’re not alone in facing fears — fear of failure, fear of success, fear of financial disaster, fear of ridicule…need I go on?  The list of successful people who faced everyone of those fears and kept going beyond…to success…is lengthy indeed.

B) Give Up Less

  • Give all that was mentioned before to yourself first.  THIS is the tricky part.  We all get so caught up in believing we “aren’t good enough, don’t know enough, aren’t worth enough, can’t possibly help enough” to be of the value that you want to attain; like earning a good living by helping others.  So.  Give yourself the information you need to understand your value — your unique perspective, your subject expertise, perhaps your years in the field, and/or your education.  All of this is worth something…most likely far more than you are seeing.
  • Treat yourself with understanding and compassion.  How can YOU possibly grow your business without nurturing yourself?  Be demanding of your time management, set objectives with measurements.  Then, nurture yourself with “success” parties all day, every day.  That means being present, being aware of who you are, what you bring to the world, and what you’re doing NOW that is helping others.  See obstacles as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.
  • Give to yourself.   The part of time management that most entrepreneurs forget is to set aside time for themselves.  Meditation, exercise, proper diet, time for family and friends…all of these things need to be a part of managing your time.  I could tell you about all of the studies that show much more productive you are, and how much added value comes from taking care of yourself, but you already know this, right?  Even when you don’t remember to do it.


  • Yes, be the Energizer Bunny.  Be the optimist.  Be the one who won’t give up.  If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re in the right place.  Whether you’re helping one other person, or tens of thousands of people every day, there will be moments of discouragement; moments when you want to give up.  Don’t.  Remind yourself whenever you reach that point that it truly is darkest just before the dawn, or whatever else it is you need to say to yourself to keep going.  Don’t just write a life story.  Write a GOOD life story.  One that at its end, you can truly say “I made a difference.”  Making a difference in one life makes a difference in every life that person touches.
  • Share.  It matters.  Everyone can teach someone else something.  To teach is to learn.  So…if you want a better life, teach.




Three Ideas to Improve YOUR Economic Future

I find it easy to look around, blame the economy, and everyone’s fear of what’s happening in the world for my own failure to do the things I need to do to in order to improve my own earnings potential.  So this post is written to remind me, as much as you,  that the only one who can change my future is ME…and YOU!

I want to propose that there are a few simple things that can turn all this around…and if you and I can turn our economy around…who knows?  Maybe the idea will catch fire and ignite a global recovery! Continue reading

How do YOU make Executive Decisions?

Whether you’re the CEO or the janitor, you make executive decisions every day.   So, exactly what is an executive decision?  It’s nothing more than a decision made by one individual in behalf of others.

So let’s say you’re the designated shopper for your household.  Before you buy laundry detergent, do you call every member of your household and ask what type of detergent you should buy?  Probably not.  You most likely buy the detergent that you like best — perhaps the same one your mother used — or the one that’s least  expensive because you’re trying to save money.  Whatever you choose, you just made an executive decision.

Maybe you’re the CEO of a large organization.  Your authority includes a vast array of responsibilities that require your executive decision — that decision you make in behalf of others — about how to create more revenue, how to spend the organization’s money, and when, where, and how to hire the people who will drive the company’s values and manage the organization’s resources.

So, now, got it, right?  You decide for others.  Now, the next question is, do you make your executive decisions on the basis of rational logic, or on the basis of intuition? Continue reading

In Control While Out of Control

Is it possible to live more fully, more joyously, and more abundantly by controlling your life without being in control?  I think it is, and I’ll be interested in knowing if you agree after you’ve finished reading this.

What is control, anyway?  For too many of us, it’s having a rigid set of rules by which we lead our lives starting from what time we get up each morning, what actions we take, where we work, who we associate with…all the things we do…from which we never vary.  Nor are we inclined to allow others around us to vary either. What happens, unfortunately, is that when we think we are in control and someone else breaks the rules, or some unforeseen event intercedes, we have no guiding compass to return us to life as we know it.  We only know about the box we created, and we become desperate to find an old solution to a new problem.  If we can create space for out-of-the-box experiences, however, we allow new solutions from potential sources we previously would not have considered when we encounter life’s challenges.

If you want to gain more control in your life, then, you may want to consider having fewer controllers.  In other words, blur the lines, lighten up, and experience more of life.

To be in control while out of control, however, you do need a few guidelines.  Here are my suggestions:

  1. Always be curious but open.  One of the toughest tasks we have is to be in a situation without judgement.  For example, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, I struggled not to compare my situation with several of my relatives, and my friends who had also been likewise diagnosed.   I admit, I wanted to panic, to assume the worst would happen.  I chose not to.  Sometimes only moment by moment, but I persisted in looking at all potential treatment options before making a decision.  By not rushing to judgement, I put myself in control.  I gave myself the calm confidence of accepting my fears, while open and curious about what lessons I might learn.
  2. Transform your journey.  When you step out of your comfort zone to explore something new, you create the potential for new relationships and a different way of being.  You can just enjoy your journey, which would be more than many do, or you can deliberately choose to transform your journey to delve into the mystery and opportunities that abound all around you.   Have you always wanted to know what it would be like to create an entirely different identity for yourself?  For example, if you’re currently an accountant, but love photography, and can picture yourself (pun intended) as a world-renown photographer, begin your transformational journey by investing in yourself with photography classes and camera, and read the biographies and autobiographies of successful photographers…without attaching to any fear that you can’t do it.  While it doesn’t sound that tough, most people don’t do it, because it feels out of control.
  3. Be of great faith.  Within our cultural background, criticism of any failure is exceedingly common, and one of the biggest deterrents, I believe, to allowing us to believe that it’s good to stretch into bigger dreams and goals. Yet when you step outside the box to truly consider a broader perspective, and take risks that feel even moderately out of control, you can also find great great joy and great success, even when you stumble on the way.  Do you know of any successful people who wouldn’t tell you they have had failures?  I don’t.   Yet they go on; learn from their efforts, and have faith that success is theirs even when they haven’t achieved it…yet.

So, are you ready to give up a little of that rigid control that’s been holding you back from exploring your potential and reaching for the life of your dreams?  Maybe you need a coach or mentor. It’s very helpful, as there’s nothing like someone with whom to share the journey, to help you hold yourself accountable to achieve whatever it is you set out to do.  I have more than one and have developed a network of supporters who help me control my overarching objectives without letting me stay in my old comfort box or zone.

Learn to let go of control so you can control a bigger life.   I did.  It’s been my greatest success …to date.


Why Don’t You Just Quit?

You have a job.  It’s not a great job.  Well, let’s get honest…it’s boring, tiring, tedious…and your boss is in your face all the time.  So why not bag it right now, and go look for the job of your dreams?

Well, maybe because you’re not stupid.  Or foolhardy.  Or just plain nuts.  Now I’m not saying you should stay in a job if you’re being abused…physically or verbally.  What I am saying is there may be another way to look at where you are. Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Stress and Recharge Your Life

Are you stressed…losing sleep over your finances, your health, your relationship or your job?  You’re not alone.  There are, however, some steps you can take to reduce your stress and increase your ability to take charge of your life experiences:

  1. Take the time to assess your stress levels. 
  2. Learn relaxation methods, including Emotional Freedom Techniques, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, or other ways of reducing cortisol, your body’s stress hormone.
  3. Make a gratitude list. Continue reading

How to Stay Strong Despite the Obstacles

What are the things that really trouble you as a business person?

Are they like my challenges…sometimes it seems there’s not enough money, not enough time, boring work, or just not knowing where to go to find necessary resources.  And I have a few odd-ball challenges as well:

  • There’s no cat on my lap or in the basket next to me.  You may consider that an odd challenge, but as a writer, I do a lot of work at home, and I am the first to admit, I get  inspiration from the bundles of fur and purrrrrr that normally supervise my every move.  If they’re not around, I feel bereft, lonely, and sometimes idea-less.
  • My coffee cup moves.  I don’t know how it happens, but one moment it can be right beside me, where it belongs, and the next…even though I have absolutely no recollection of putting it anywhere else…it’s gone.  I get up, go to the kitchen, wander the house, and sometimes it won’t show up for days.  If I ever catch the “coffee cup thief” I’ll have a word or two to say to them!
  • The heat goes up and down.  Yes, I have a thermostat.  I leave it set at 68 degrees.  Yet somehow, one minute  I am freezing, and then 5 minutes later, I’m cooked.  I tell myself that it’s because I get so excited about a new communication idea or topic for one of my clients that I get all heated up, and then as the excitement of the moment dies, my temperature drops.  My doctor thinks I’m nuts.  Oh, she doesn’t come right out and tell me that…but she has this “look.”

I know, these odd-ball things seem quite trivial.  And sometimes they are.  But sometimes they are absolutely THE most important thing there is, and I can’t possibly get to the real worrisome stuff until I resolve one of these little problems.

Then, of course, there is what I consider  the big stuff.  Like how to make more money when I want  to.  How to create time.  And how to have fun while I’m working.   I have to say, though, sometimes the big stuff seems easier.  No, I haven’t found the perfect system yet, but I have discovered a few secrets to meeting some of these major challenges: Continue reading

I don’t Believe in Santa Claus

There is an urban legend that has been cited as the work of various radio and television personalities, including Andy Rooney and Paul Harvey. It has been floating around in e-mail and posted in numerous blogs for the last few years.   Snopes has determined it to be compilation of various authors, not including either Andy or Paul. Regardless of who the actual author is, I want to include this urban legend in my blog today as a reminder that as an American, Christmas has a very significant meaning for many. It is both my right and privilege to respect and honor the meaning and tradition of Christmas as the birth of Christ, and for all of us to give thanks for all that we have been given, and in turn, to share our gifts, whether large or small, with one another in the spirit of Oneness.

My husband and I have different spiritual beliefs.  While strong in our own separate beliefs, we are one in our respect for our privileges, and in our ability to honor the other, not despite of, but because of our differences.  In the United States, we have the freedom to worship…or not… as we choose.   We have that right not because of what we did to earn it, but because of what others died to create and protect for us. I am grateful for that freedom and, including all of its blemishes, for this great country in which I live.

I hope you will read, enjoy, and contemplate not only the words of this urban legend, but the intent with which it is offered in this Season of Hope and Joy: Continue reading

The Cat’s Secrets of Successful Marketing

For anyone who has  a cat…I know that you know…that they know…exactly how to get your attention, and keep your attention until you have served whatever need they may have in the moment.

As a cat staffer…I would never say cat owner, because one of the first things cats communicate is that no one owns them…I have observed my cats carefully to discern their secrets of getting you to do exactly what they want.  Those observations have lead me to propose cats are excellent marketing masters…and are happy to train anyone willing to pay attention…how to discover “what the prospective client wants.” Continue reading