What Are the Ethics of Email Marketing?

There is a term “First do no harm” from the Hippocratic oath, or more accurately from the Hippocratic writing Epidemics, which states “To do good or to do no harm” …that applies equally well to email marketing. 

Email marketing, unfortunately, has a history of unethical behavior by marketers who ignored that requirement quite completely.  While no one seems to know exactly how the term “spam” was attached to unsolicited junk email, (Monte Python somehow seems to be getting credit), about 20-25% of today’s active emails still constitutes spam.  While I’m sure not everyone would agree, not only do I think this is bad behavior, I think it’s totally unethical.  In addition to being unwanted, it slows down the Internet and takes up bandwidth that could be much better utilized. Continue reading

The Secret of Choosing Your Audience for Email Marketing

After reading the headline, you’re probably thinking…”Doesn’t my audience choose me?  Isn’t that what I’m trying to do…get people to subscribe?”

Well, “Yes” and…”No.”  Yes.  You do want to get followers, to get people to sign up, to opt in, to receive your email messages.  But it matters who you attract.  Let me repeat that…it matters…who you attract. Continue reading

Size Matters…in Email Marketing

Despite all the hoopla, in most cases, size really isn’t that big of a deal.  Take me, for instance.  I’m not a big person.  I have to use a ladder or chair to get into the top shelves.  Size hasn’t kept me from being successful.   It simply has provided the opportunity for creative challenge.

Oh, I know…enough about me. That’s not what all the TV and Internet ads are talking about, anyway, but the fact is, in a lot of life, size isn’t  that important. 

In email marketing, however, size really does matter.  Have you ever done a “readability” survey on your email newsletters and service or product information?  If not, you might consider it. After all,  readability is a big part of the experience you’re creating. Continue reading

How to Work Smart…Not Hard…in Email Marketing

Would you like to be sitting on your deck at 4 PM, relaxed and enjoying the beverage of your choice while the money just keeps rolling in without your attention…the way rich people do all the time?

Working smarter, not harder, is the key. The fewer steps you can take to succeed in achieving your goals, the quicker you reach the top, and the better the view. Continue reading

The ABC’s of Email Marketing

The ABC’s of email marketing are the basic “How to” steps once you’ve determined the “Why?” 

Alphabetically speaking, putting why before how may sound a bit out of order.  However, if you don’t know why you do something…why bother?

The logical side of your brain wants to know “what’s the end game.”   You may have heard the quote “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” Continue reading

Now Is The Time…for Your Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are becoming an increasingly important part of an organization’s branding.  If you haven’t already started one, now is a good time to start making an email newsletter available for your subscribers.

Ready to proceed?  OK.  Let’s do a little design work on your email newsletter…after we talk about creating content.

First, what is your primary goal?   Continue reading

Use Your Measurements in Email Marketing

Albert Einstein said “Not everything that counts can be measured.  Not everything that can be measured counts.” 

So…let’s see.  I don’t think what this means is…”Don’t measure…don’t count.”    Perhaps…it’s more like…”It’s all relative…so keep it all in perspective.” 

In email marketing,  you have some really cool tools in web analytics…that measure.  So…what should you measure…that counts?  Continue reading

Are You Soft Touch or Hard Core in Email Marketing?

Most people think of sales and marketing as an “in-your-face” job.  A job that requires an intense drive to control the actions of others…an intense drive to make money.

What if…what if it’s actually something else?  What if, for most people who sell, it’s actually and truly… about helping others…helping others be at the right place, at the right time, in the right way…to make good decisions to improve their lives?

What if…if you’re in marketing, including or especially email marketing…you begin to see yourself as the person who helps someone else justify what they already want to do?  What if you see yourself helping someone else do something that will, fact, benefit that person greatly? Continue reading