Bridge Over Troubled Waters…Email Strategy

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters…ah, that marvelous Paul Simon song…reminds us of what we all strive to be…and what many great Internet marketers are doing right now. 

Building a bridge over tough economic times.  I’m seeing a lot of emails and offers from Internet marketers that remind me how great entrepreneurship is. 

I firmly believe that it is the small business owners, the entrepreneurs, who will again bring this country back to greatness.  Not government largesse, not handouts, and not most large corporations. 

Pioneers…entrepreneurs…have always been the “out of the box” thinkers.  The people who  weren’t sucked into the political morass of the times; the people who said “What if” and asked “Why” as well as “Why not?”   Yes.  They’re the same ones who irritated and failed to ingratiate themselves with most politicians and corporate executives.

They’ve gotten off the band wagon, and started their own economic stimulus…helping those who want to, and are willing to, help themselves.

I’m seeing more and more of it in Internet marketing.  I see price cuts, bartering, joint ventures and affiliate programs.  Some of it, yes, the greedy individual.  Most of what I’m seeing, though, is a genuine, real effort to help. 

Some Internet marketers are giving away teaching and coaching programs that have made them millions.  Frank Kern for one…who’s giving away a list-building program that cost him  “big bucks” to build.   And Clayton Makepeace…who’s practically giving away tips, tricks and strategies to help his subscribers have an outstanding 2010. 

Both of these internet marketers are highly successful.   They don’t need more prospects or clients in order to be successful.  Granted, their efforts to help others will most likely bring them increased profits in the long term.  But it’s not their goal.

Their goal, along with many other highly successful Internet marketers, is to help other entrepreneurs…to increase their success.  

If you want to be a hero in these difficult economic times, use your email marketing power to blast away doubts about the economy.  Build a bridge over the troubled waters of this challenging period.

Here are a few email strategies that you can use to span the gap between  your email subscribers, and their success in this economy:

  • Coupons.  More than in any other time…since the Internet first came to life…coupons are considered a lifeline.  Discounts count.  A few pennies can make a big difference in a stretched budget. 
  • Price reductions.  Maybe your bottom line will suffer a little…or maybe it won’t.  If you reduce your profits, you may feel a slight impact.  On the other hand, if your reduction in price gets word-of-mouth…or email forwarding…advertisement…it’s possible you’ll come out ahead. 
  • Freebies.  What’s sitting on the back shelf…how many DVD’s, CD’s or audio tapes  from last year’s webinars and coaching classes could be in the mail?  If they can provide help to someone else, why let them take up space in your warehouse on on your back shelves?
  • Confidence and hope.  I probably should have put this one first, because it’s the bridge that will turn the economy around.  Every email should portray to your subscribers your confidence in your own…and their…ability to get this economy moving again.  Hope and concrete goals…with action steps you can provide…will get all of us to the other side.  You know the one…the side that shows us again that the pioneer in us survives, thrives, and is far superior to government intervention.  

Don’t cut your email marketing budget.  Don’t be one of those companies that sticks with old, expensive marketing techniques that just don’t carry the same returns.  Instead, ramp up your email marketing budget, put on your “helping hat” and use it to…

Be the bridge…to a better tomorrow.


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