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It’s Friday.

That means Friday Follows on Twitter. And Friday Follies here at Max. Following Max’s foibles.

I was strolling through my house this morning, looking at all my overflowing bookcases…thinking.. maybe…it’s time I started filling a few more boxes with books for Good Will.

Or not…

As I was scanning my bookcases, I noticed something. Something that I’d never really focused on before, or given much thought to. And that is the number of Books for Dummies that I have.

I am a Collector. I admit it. I have not yet joined Collector’s Anonymous, though I am still giving it serious consideration. And I know I should do it…soon.

I have a bunch of computer program books for Dummies…Excel, Word, Windows, Quickbooks, Networking…and…believe it or not…an old one…on DOS. Remember that? The old Microsoft Disc Operating System introduced in 1981. Well, since DOS is so seldom used anymore…maybe I can “assert” that I am no longer a Dummy who needs that particular book. And…maybe I can put it in the giveaway box. Along with the other computer program books for Dummies that aren’t on my computer any more…and haven’t been for years!

I also have books for Dummies on Investing…some of them are also “well-aged.” Some of the companies, and most of the strategies, are tied to names that are on the “Who’s Who of the New Embezzler Kings” that have been in the news in the last year.

On my Dummies list I wouldn’t want to overlook the 2004 publication of “Real Estate Investing for Dummies” book. Some of the key concepts presented in this book include “understanding real estate, great second income, financing your property purchase, protecting your investment”…and… “Internal Revenue Code.”

I don’t see a big section in there on…Foreclosure…or Disaster Preparation…or How to lose your Shirt, along with everything else…if you just do what the book says….DUMMY!

While I don’t have it yet…I’ll bet there’s a new Book for Dummies that explains all of that. You know, one on how to live well in some other country with nearly nothing while the banks argue about which one of them was the biggest Dummy for having financed your 2nd and 3rd…or was it the 4th… mortgage on that property because it was ONLY going to increase in value! And…about how all of your assets…on paper anyway…clearly demonstrated your financial solvency… based on your real estate holdings.

And…there’s probably a new one on the Internal Revenue Code, too. A big one on Real Estate Loss…what Uncle Sam will…and/or won’t…allow you to claim. And, how, while it only took you a year or two to lose tens of thousands…or millions…of dollars, it will take you a lifetime to portion out that loss on your income tax.

I also have in my collection an e-Bay Business All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies. It tells me how to “find deals on essential computer equipment, communicate with buyers effectively, locate the best merchandise to sell, open an eBay store”…and so much more.

It says it’s actually 9 books in 1. So…if that’s true…and I’ve gone from Dummy to Food in my Tummy (profitable business established)…if I put this one in the giveaway box…that counts as 9 books I’ve eliminated from my “collectibles”, right? That is good logic, isn’t it? Since I admit to being a Dummy, as evidenced by all my books on this topic, it’s obvious, I’m never really sure.

I could continue with my list, but I won’t. Even a Dummy knows when it’s starting to get boring.

I know, though, that there’s one Dummies’ book I have that will stand the test of time. It’s called Bird Watching for Dummies. It’s a great book on how to “design a bird-friendly backyard with bird feeders, houses, gardens and baths; keep your bird feeders, gardens, baths and houses free of diseases and other pests, understand bird behavior and how to recognize birds by their songs,” and…much…more.

This book I regularly share with the cats. I show them the pictures…I read to them…and I play tapes with bird songs so they will learn to recognize the various species by their song. I think they like the book as much as I do. Or maybe more.

After my stroll today, however, I am contemplating seriously downsizing my Books for Dummies library. Not because I’m less of a dummy, but because I need more room for all the new things experts now tell me I’m a Dummy about.

Of course, on the other hand, maybe I should keep them all. Let them become REAL collectibles. Someday…they could be worth a fortune. And I could write a book on Collecting for Dummies.

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