Is Your Email Sign-up Process Memorable?

How hard…or how easy…is it to sign up to receive your e-mail updates, newsletter, or the RSS feed for your blog?

Is your sign-up request easy-to-see, located in the top right hand area of your blog, sales page, or newsletter?   

Does it have prominent colored arrows…or some other device that calls attention to the opportunity to get interesting, valuable, and FREE information?  Information that you have persuasively demonstrated will improve their life in some way?

Does your sign-up process ask simply for their first name and e-mail address?  Something really simple and quick to get them started. Continue reading

Will Your Timing Kill Your Email Marketing Campaign?

One of my favorite quotes on timing is from someone named Stacey Charter…”Life is all about timing…the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable becomes available, the unattainable…attainable.  Have the patience, wait it out.  It’s all about timing.”

It rings true.

Similarly, successful e-mail marketing is all about timing, and timing your e-mails with an appropriate sequence and message will help you “reach the unreachable; make the unavailable…available, and the unattainable…attainable” in delivering your message in a way designed to affect the maximum response.

In the period your e-mail campaign encompasses, your messages should sequence the following: Continue reading

How to Take your Email Readers From Prospects to Purchasers

I will always advise and encourage marketers to use selling tactics responsibly and ethically. 

I will also always advise and encourage marketers not to overlook selling tactics that work…  tactics that help move the reader from being a prospect to being a purchaser. 

As an ethical, responsible marketer, you know that your product or service will benefit people.  And you want to provide a benefit to as many people as you can, as quickly as you can.  You’re passionate about it.  You believe in it. 

And you really want to feel good  about moving the prospect to a purchase quickly.  So if you’re feeling guilty about the idea of using marketing “tactics”…don’t!

Here are a few tactics to put in your tool kit: Continue reading

How to Create Your Email Blueprint

Before the general contractor begins construction on a new home, he or she will do a thorough review of the blueprint with the  homeowner. 


Because not only is it important to know what the finished home will look like, it’s important to know how all the pieces fit together…like an attached or detached garage…basement or crawl space…one, two, three level or more, etc.  It’s also important to know what supplies will be needed and what it will cost.  It’s important to agree in advance with the homeowner on all of the critical elements of style and structure.

Similarly, you must have an e-mail blueprint.  You are, for all intents and purposes, the general contractor.  And your prospective customer is your new homeowner…the person who will be using what you hope to be constructing with them. 

Here are some things you’ll need for your e-mail blueprint: Continue reading

How to Cut the Fat From Your Email Content

I know you’ve heard it before…and you’ve seen it in your own e-mails…so much advertising and rhetoric about how good the product, service, or the producer is, you’re tired of reading before you get to the line…if there is one…about what it can do for you!  So you click out of the e-mail before you take any kind of action and both you and the writer lose.

When you’re sending e-mails to anyone else, who are you writing for?

The reader, right?  Yes, you have a purpose.  Not one, however, that you want hidden in verbosity — too wordy!

What is it that you want to do for them? Continue reading

The Secrets of Email Competencies

Yes, it’s true.  If you want your e-mails to be read, you must be a competent communicator.  

 Being a competent communicator doesn’t mean being wordy, or that you need a lot of technical expertise.  What it does mean is that the message that’s received is, in fact, the message you wanted to send. 

I want to share with you some of the secrets I’ve discovered in getting my e-mails opened, read, and acted on.

Learn these secrets.  Use them.  Watch what happens. Continue reading

Why You Begin at the End When Creating an Email

Knowing what you want to accomplish before you begin your e-mail will save you time and effort.  If your e-mail message is intended to persuade your audience to buy something, have you identified why they would want to buy it? 

Have you identified a problem?  Have you recreated it vividly in language and tone your audience can identify with?  “Like most adoptive pet owners, are you struggling with the cost of veterinary bills for things you know you should do for your pet, like getting them an identity chip, vaccinations, flea and tick protection, etc?  Are you afraid that if you fail to take immediate action your pet…and perhaps even members of your family…could be subject to disease…or you could lose your pet permanently?”  Continue reading

“Thou Shall Not” Email Marketing Tablet

What do you want to accomplish when you’re sending an e-mail? 

 When the reader sees your name and the subject line of the e-mail, will they immediately want to open your e-mail to see what you’ve sent?

Have you created, from your past relationship, an excitement, an anticipation…a perceived certainty that whatever you’ve sent…whether it’s an offer they choose to accept or decline…that the e-mail itself will add value the moment it’s received? Continue reading

Email Marketing Magic

What is the one thing the majority of us all share to some extent?

Don’t we all believe in magic?  Some more than others, and all of us more or less, depending on our mood, the weather, our circumstances…and most of all…our perception of the magician’s skill.

What is it that makes us believe in magic?  What is it that makes us think…even for a moment…that the magician really can pull a live rabbit out of an empty hat? Continue reading

Etiquette for the Unlimited Access of Email Marketing

Respectful, courteous and trustworthy are the three words that first come to mind when I think of business etiquette. 

When you have earned the privilege of obtaining the e-mail address of a prospect, you have unlimited access to them…until they tell you otherwise.  You can choose what to send in your e-mails,  you can choose the time of day to send it, and…you can choose how often you’re going to send throughout the day.

Having unlimited access… is it a privilege…or a curse?    You know how important other people consider their time to be…including the time they may spend reading your e-mails.  So how do you decide what content to send when? Continue reading