Comments or Pranks? Friday Follies

I haven’t done a Friday Follies on my blog for awhile, and just thought I’d share a recent humorous experience.  A quick story, I promise.

Friday Follies, for those of you who aren’t yet regular followers, is my take off from Twitter’s Friday Follows.  We all have our follies…or I think we all do…and I certainly prefer that I’m not alone when I fall off the cliff, or mistakenly enter the wrong restroom…little things that I’ve learned to laugh at.  About myself, of course. Continue reading

Email Marketing Blossoms With Media Releases

Never miss an opportunity to get your name in print.  Publicity adds authority.  Publicity adds credibility.

That is, of course, if you’re controlling what gets published.  Most media organizations will accept your press releases via email.  In addition, they’ll include links and email addresses you provide for communicating anything that’s newsworthy to others. 

Before you send out emails containing press releases, of course, you’ll need permission.  Hmmm…there it is, that permission thing again.  Mother may I?

Before you start contacting media representatives to get permission, what, exactly, do you want to release to the media?  Continue reading

Gold Medal Contenders Only

Yes –this blog post is a blatant affiliate plug for an internet marketer, Armand Morin.  Not just any internet marketer, though.  Armand is a top internet marketer…for a very good reason…he’s really good at what he does.  And a very good reason to follow Armand is…he’ll teach you how to be really good!

And…Yes, it’s true — if you follow my links and go to Armand’s event, I’ll make a few bucks.

More important, though, if you decide to go, you’ll benefit in so many ways, you’ll wonder what took you so long to connect.  If you want to be a gold medal contender for internet marketing,  get the coach who can teach you exactly how to win gold.  He knows how…because he’s done it! Continue reading

Email Marketing — Magic or Mush?

Mush is that bland, often soupy, runny, watered down cereal stuff.    Mush is the meal of the mind on soap operas.  Mush is what your little brother was going to be if he ratted you out to your mom when you were kids. 

Mush is also what a lot of emails marketing messages are…soupy, runny, watered down versions of real, meaningful, helpful information.

Why not make the emails you send out to your prospects and customers magic instead of mush?

Maybe you won’t have every solution your prospect or customer wants.   Maybe you’ll actually only solve a few of their problems, or only provide one small piece of the puzzle.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful, though, to know that you actually had given someone something that was truly helpful? Continue reading

Is Email Marketing Your Window to the World?

Are you an online marketer living in a building with no windows?  Is your website failing to attract the kind of attention you want…and need…to bring in prospects to see what’s inside?  Is all the passion you’ve expended putting together the best of the best for a clientele you know will benefit from what you have to offer being wasted?

If any of that sounds like you, stop what you’re doing and read this.  Now.

You have the power to create a window to the world.  Not just any window…but a beautiful, large picture window.. in which to display your best wares for all to see.  A window where you dress to perfection to show off the reasons, benefits, features or functions of your product or service.  Continue reading

How to Time Your Message in Email Marketing

Timing matters. 

“Timing is everything.  There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood leads on to fortune.”  said William Shakespeare. 

Most applicable for email marketing, however, is a quote by Albert Einstein: “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

From my perspective, the best way to find out when your email recipients want to receive emails from you is to ask.  When you first receive permission from a subscriber to send email marketing material, send an email early in the relationship.  Ask the following questions: Continue reading

Does Size Matter in Email Marketing?

Does the size of your font, the size of your subject line, the size of your email matter to your prospects and customers?

Yes.  At least that’s what my customers have said, along with a number of studies that have been done.  While it’s certainly tempting to add style and pizazz with different sizes and styles of fonts, and to brighten your text with italics and bold face, that may, unfortunately,  not be what your email readers see. Continue reading

Email Marketing Benefits from the Zig Zigler Approach

If you send an email ad, the your prospect or customer doesn’t buy the first time, do you quit?  Do you give up and assume that the decision is made, and the answer is “No?”

Zig Zigler is an American salesman, author and motivational speaker.  He was born in 1926, the tenth of twelve children.  When he was six, his father died, and two days after losing his father, he lost one of siblings…his sister.  He faced adversity throughout his life, but developed a strong Christian faith, and a sales ability that brought him friendships, wealth, and admiration.  His books, and the lessons he shares provide great insight into the nature of ethical selling.  One of those lessons is the lesson of understanding.  Understanding that “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “No.” 

He never spoke directly to email marketing and its unique challenges in closing a sale, but certainly his lessons for successful sales apply to email marketing in the same way they apply to other marketing  avenues.  What Zig says, is that when a customer says “No” they won’t change their mind.  At least they won’t change their mind based on what they knew when they made the decision. Continue reading

Persistence Beats Brilliance in Email Marketing

In the end, persistence always wins.

It’s an age-old adage, and it’s true.  It’s just as true today as it was eons ago. 


Not every effort will gain you instant success in email marketing.  Even those that do create instant success cannot assure you’ll maintain that success.   You or your marketing department may have created what you considered to be a totally brilliant ad.  You spent your entire advertising budget on that one brilliant ad, counting on it being an instant success.  You didn’t plan on any follow-up because you were certain this would create sufficient buy-in by your email audience that you would be done for the entire campaign.

Across the street, your competitor spent much less on creating an email ad.  Instead, they sent the same content ad to their segmented permission-based email list with varied subject lines and varying content focus, on different days, at different times, over a 90-day period.  Spending much less, relying on frequency…or persistence…instead of brilliance, they were able to gain more sales, and contribute more significantly to the bottom line than you. Continue reading

How to Gain Permission to Build Email Marketing Success

“Are you looking for a product that actually relieves your pain…without 5 pages of potential side effects?  I was.  I found it, and I’m so happy about it, I want to share it with everyone…who’s interested.  If you want to know more about a product that really does what it says…enter your e-mail address to get free information.  Read it and you decide.  No money.  No obligation.  Free information.”

This is an enticement to get an email address.  It is the beginning of a planned campaign.  The first step is to get the prospects to want to hear more about what you have to say.  By raising their curiosity and providing an enticement…free information… you get the prospect’s initial attention. 

You can also use a similar message in direct mail flyers, on the radio, TV, and social media, with either or both a phone number and email address to capture the information. Continue reading