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Max Kazen is an Executive Coach and Mentor, Certified EFT Practitioner , and CEO/President of Max Kazen International Inc. She specializes in peak performance. Her practice is located in Spokane, WA, at 528 Wellness, 4750 N Division, Spokane, WA 99207. After 20 + years of highly successful transportation management, Max started her own company, with a strong desire to share success-building tools and tips, including how to live a balanced life with less stress.

Is that ‘Oil’ There Is? Friday Follies

Here it is, Friday again.  There seems to be no lack of great Twitter Friday Follows…that I have followed right along with to gain greater knowledge, fun and frolic.  There also seems to be no lack of follies on the national and international scene. 

This Friday Follies isn’t going to focus so much on my follies…lack of understanding, good sense of foresight…(though I’ve certainly committed my share) as on one that has gained the attention of nearly every person in America as well as globally…the Gulf oil crisis.

What happened?  To condense it to my perception of the short version:  Someone (BP employee or contractor)  didn’t properly check the plumbing during the drilling process.  The proper method or product wasn’t used or failed.  Then, someone  else (another insignificant ordinary worker)  noticed that something didn’t seem quite right and reported it.  However, the project was well behind schedule, and delays were already costing “big bucks.” The person to whom the potential error was reported “decided” it was insignificant, and convinced enough others to ignore it that the drilling proceeded until…kaboom! Continue reading

Connections and Collections in Email Marketing

Have you noticed a new trend in your email lately?  I’m not sure who started it, but it’s definitely catching on, and growing.  For all my loyal fans and readers, and the budding online entrepreneurs you may know, it’s something to consider…something I’m strongly encouraging my clients to do. 

I call it neon networking.  It’s bright, bold collaboration.   Here is the essence of what it is and how you can do it: Continue reading

Cheerleading…Once Again Villain for Girls: Friday Follies

Once again the headlines tout cheerleading as highly dangerous…for girls.

And once again, this will bring a volley of criticism and alarm for the young women and their instructors who happen to like cheerleading….just as it is, thank you very much…and are willing to accept the associated risks.

Yes, cheerleading is a sport.  Gynmastics is a sport…and oh, by the way, so is football. Yes, they all have an element of danger…of risk. 

But how much do we hear about how dangerous football is for the young men who participate in this dangerous sport? Continue reading

Staying on Top in Email Marketing

Everyone wants to be at the front of the line. 

And no one wants to miss that heart-stopping, drama-laden moment in the movie when the hero swoops in at the last possible moment to rescue the heroine from the imminent disaster.

If you want to stay on top with email marketing, that’s the experience your subscribers are looking for.  Saying the right thing…at the right time…in the right way will keep your subscribers coming back for more. 

Take a look at what your subscribers have been doing lately.  How many of them are making repeat purchases?  How many are asking for more information?  And how many want to know when your next product is coming out?

Here are a few tips to keep your subscribers happy, anxious for more, and ready to buy: Continue reading

Here’s to Moms…the good, the bad…and the BEST Friday Follies

I like to start this by letting new readers know that Friday Follies is a title that I patterned from Twitter’s Friday Follows.

It’s a left-handed sort of compliment.  I liked the sound of Friday Follows, and the crowd it attracted.  I thought it might be fun to collect my own crowd…people who had an odd sense of humor.  Or, people who, like me, sometimes just liked to know about other people’s trivial trials, passionate pursuits, green greed, or other optional oddities that might glean a giggle or tweak a twinkle.

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, today’s Friday Follies seemed the perfect time to share a few things about my mom, stories about others’ moms, about being a mom, and other things sort of “mommish.” Continue reading

Email Marketing: Sharing What Matters

In a desire to provide timely, relevant information, I often check current events.  Nearly always there is something going on in the news that in some way relates to some aspect of either my business or that of my clients.

Email marketers, when you watch the news, find relevant topics and links to share…and build a connection…you bring value to your subscribers. 

One of today’s top internet news topics is  Justin Beiber.  And he’s bungee jumping in Austraila.  Just in case you’ve been hiding in a dark corner somewhere in the world for awhile, and don’t know who Justin Beiber is… Continue reading

Friday Follies: Mind Meanderings on Creativity

Did you ever think you’d really get to do something really creative with your life?  Something that let you be you, made you feel happy and fulfilled, and really served a purpose . 

It would be really interesting to know what percentage of people…in the U. S. and globally…would answer honestly…”Yes, I knew by the time I was 10…or 12…or 15…that I would get to do something creative with my life…exactly what I wanted to do…and I did it?”  Continue reading

The Cat Who…Friday Follies

Ah…here it is again…Friday.  My day to take myself less seriously, and…in addition to Twitter Friday Follows, add a little twitter…of nonsense about myself…with  Friday Follies.

Maybe some of you have read the “The Cat Who…” mystery series by Lillian Jackson Braun.  I was attracted to them because two of the main characters are cats.  The books are light reading and good for those occasional afternoon or evenings when nothing else will do but an escape into a little fun and fantasy. Continue reading

Do You Have a Blob or a Blog?

Say that really fast two or three times after a few glasses of wine….”Is it a blob or a blog?”

A blob, by loose definition, is a gob of matter of some vague or indefinite form, generally viscous…of a glutinous nature.

Not to be confused…?  with a blog, which is, by loose definition, an online personal journal meant for public consumption. Continue reading