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Max Kazen is an Executive Coach and Mentor, Certified EFT Practitioner , and CEO/President of Max Kazen International Inc. She specializes in peak performance. Her practice is located in Spokane, WA, at 528 Wellness, 4750 N Division, Spokane, WA 99207. After 20 + years of highly successful transportation management, Max started her own company, with a strong desire to share success-building tools and tips, including how to live a balanced life with less stress.

Why It’s Good to be a “Newbie”

So you’re new to the article market world of writing.

And you think that being new, it’s going to take forever to get published…that you’ll have to go through a lot of pain…a lot of rejections before anything happens.

I want you know that hundreds of editors say you’re wrong — that most are more open to new writers than you might think.

And there are a few major benefits to being a new writer too. So before you spend too much time trying to determine how you can appear to be a published professional writer when you’re not, consider taking advantage of your current position as a newcomer.

What are the advantages? Here are four positive points of being a new writer that will help you get work – and they all come direct from editors. Continue reading

7 Basic Steps for Writing a Research Paper

Hand wringing… pacing… agonizing…the upcoming deadline…without one word on paper!

Happens to average…and really smart students, academians, and professionals all the time.

The good news is that anybody can write a research paper!

The first thing to think about is why you’re writing the paper in the first place.

There are three main reasons for research papers: Continue reading

Dare You Let Your Child Be a Cheerleader? Friday Follies

OK, so who could miss today’s headlines, including, no less, The Wall Street Journal, about the drama being played out on the debate stages across the country…. To Jump while Cheerleading…or Not?

Since today’s the day for Friday Follies, when I talk about my foibles, this is a great headliner to “tell all” about my penchant for “little things” that pull the rebel from my backbone; make me stand up straight, stick my chin out, and march directly for the Principal’s office with my protest sign…regardless of the consequences! Continue reading

Whole Brain Leadership

In Western society, particularly America, leadership is typically left-brained.

Why?  Because leaders are chosen for their knowledge…their knowledge of a particular industry, and how and where all of the stovepipes of the industry go, and how they must function to make the business work…how all the widgets fit together to make the perfect product.

And where does knowledge come from?  The left brain.   The side of the brain that thinks linearly, making logical, rational decisions.

We have created, trained and chosen leaders who are  “well-educated manipulators of information and deployers of expertise.”      We have taught in our schools and in our businesses the logical, linear thinking that created the Information Age.  

There is now more than ample evidence to suggest an imperative for immediate change in how we train and select our leaders! Continue reading

The Ragdoll Perspective — Balcony View: Friday Follies

It’s time again for Friday Follies. That day that I acknowledge others’ cleverness and wisdom on Twitter Friday Follows, and acknowledge my own foolishness and foibles on Friday Follies. Fun this Friday…with one of my favorite topics!

Notoriously limp and lovable, Ragdolls are exactly that…rag (deliciously soft, well-worn comfortable) and… well…dolls!

The Ragdolls that live here, however, and for whom my husband and I are “Staffers” are much more convinced, I am certain, that they are Royalty, rather than Dolls. Ragdoll Royalty if you Please.

And believe me, we do aim to please. The Ragdoll Prance…at 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM, 6 PM and 9 PM. And…whenever in between we are summoned!

Princess and Hope…who volunteered to help me write today’s article…thought you might like to hear the Ragdoll Royalty perspective on Staffing. Continue reading

It’s Not Just About Selling…is it?

When you came to Internet marketing, I’ll lay odds that you didn’t come strictly to …sell. 

I believe very few people are called into this world strictly to…sell. 

That is, in the hard core… “She could sell ice cubes to Eskimos”… sense.    Salespeople who really don’t care about the product…only their ability to manipulate others into doing their bidding…feeling the power of total control.

Most of us, instead, begin with a passion to have others experience something wonderful we have discovered or created.  You want to share.  It’s our nature.  And what better place than the Internet?

So why do so many hesitate to share…to offer goods or services to others?

In large part, because you perceive it as selling.  The perception many people have of selling  is that it requires an aggressive personality and the absolute ability to influence others into buying a product…whether they need..or want..it.  Many equate selling with the used car sales lot…with that pesky salesman who somehow pushed you into buying a car that wasn’t really what you wanted years ago. Continue reading

Wanted: An Extra Tomorrow — Friday Follies

Bing’s photo this morning is of three baby opossums hanging by their tails from a branch. 

Frankly, they’re as cute as they can be.  And…they all look like they’re looking at their mom with the question of the moment:  “OK, Mom, we can be good now.  Can we come out of ‘time out’…please?  There’s other things we need to do and see and time’s a wastin here. This is a good trick, and we’re glad we know it, but we’ve been here for awhile, and it’s getting a little boring…'”

Have you ever had that feeling?  Like you’re stuck in the moment, in a ‘time out’  hanging upside down and looking at the world totally lopsided?

Like you know you screwed up somehow, and either took on too much, took on projects that rightly belonged to others, or just haven’t managed your time well enough to accomplish the priorities of your day?  Continue reading

How to Increase Your Creativity…And Your Success

When it comes to success…as any kind of writer, or as an entrepreneur in any area…creativity is important…really important.

Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  He also said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

The marketplace in which we live is constantly changing.  We humans have what seems an insatiable appetite for new…new products, new services, new art, and new art forms…new anything! 

What the marketplace requires, therefore, is your creativity.  Your ability, your willingness to expand your abilities to create new ideas, new solutions, new ways of living.

What that requires of you…of me…of anyone who chooses to affect the world in which we live…is to return to the imaginative and creative voices in our minds when we were 6 — or younger! Continue reading

Procrastination Again or Still? Friday Follies on Sunday

OK…see what I mean?  Here I am doing Friday Follies on Sunday!

How bad is that?

I’ve been going through this…trying to figure out how to ‘splain it away…this being Sunday and I haven’t published my Friday follies yet.

I’ve written about procrastination before.  The reason I write about it is because it’s habit I accept responsibility for…and choose to change.  The reason I’m writing about it for a Friday Follies is because it is…a folly…foible…forgettable?

Except…it’s so appealing.  Continue reading

The Challenge of Great Presentations

Did your boss ever tell you on a Friday afternoon that you’re on the agenda for next week’s staff meeting…now a whole whopping 3 days away?

Right after…you’d just been thinking about how great it was going to be to get away for a fun week-end, with arrangements made to use your friends lake cabin…just you and your signicant other?

And did the boss mention that you’ll have 30 minutes to cover the material, including a Q&A section?

How many of you have been in that situation? I know I have.

I also know at this point…you have choices: 1) scrap the week-end plans and toil over a presentation; 2) scribble a couple of notes and do the presentation on the fly next week…not a good idea…but a choice, or; 3) put together a great presentation in less than hour…and go enjoy the week-end!

If you’re thinking about now “Yeah, right…a great presentation in less than an hour…” I want you to consider a new exercise I developed to help me cope with not only quickly putting presentations together…but getting into the mindset of knowing I could present something of value…without having a nervous breakdown!  I call it the Presenter’s Two-Minute Exercise Program! Continue reading