Are You Soft Touch or Hard Core in Email Marketing?

Most people think of sales and marketing as an “in-your-face” job.  A job that requires an intense drive to control the actions of others…an intense drive to make money.

What if…what if it’s actually something else?  What if, for most people who sell, it’s actually and truly… about helping others…helping others be at the right place, at the right time, in the right way…to make good decisions to improve their lives?

What if…if you’re in marketing, including or especially email marketing…you begin to see yourself as the person who helps someone else justify what they already want to do?  What if you see yourself helping someone else do something that will, fact, benefit that person greatly?

You probably know that there are many psychological factors involved when a person makes a buying decision.  There are external factors such as culture, peer pressures, and situational factors.  There are internal factors, like knowledge, attitude, personality…and perceptual filters.  And, of course, there are marketing factors…product, promotion, and price, along with service and delivery.

The decision to purchase, however, basically comes from one thing…making a choice to fill a want, need, or desire

Once a prospect has the internal drive to fulfill the need, what they are really looking for is justification to make the purchase.

Your prospect will not need a hard push.  No shove required.  What they may want, however, is the soft touch that will nudge them from the offer to the buy button.  They may be searching for that one thing that makes sense to them…that justifies their taking action.

Your successful email marketing messages will provide the right justification process after the decision has been made to fulfill a need, want or desire. 

From the prospect’s perspective, research suggests the process looks something like this:

  • Satisfying the search for information.  Does your email message briefly describe how your product or service compares to others, why its benefits and features may suit them, and why it is unique or better?
  • Considering available options.  Do you provide links for more information, and suggest available resources if your prospect wants to fully review other options?   You establish both authority and credibility by providing the opportunity to compare.    Some people will fully review all the information.  Some of your prospects have a strong need for detail and to reassure themselves that they have fully evaluated every potential.  The rest may scan the comparisons. Even if…and this is important to remember…they end up buying this time from someone else, your efforts will not be forgotten, and most will feel obligated to continue to consider your products or services.  You will gain trust and credibility by providing the information.
  • How hard is the purchase process?  When the product or service purchase is simple, easy to follow and processes quickly, your job may be nearly done.  But…wait.  What about the guarantee and your return and refund policy?  Make sure the prospect knows that you are truly here to help…to ensure that they are fully satisfied.  Make your return/refund policy clear, easy-to-read and understand…and enforced!   
  • After-purchase evaluation.  Last, but definitely not least, buyers like to provide feedback.  They want to know that you care…that you’re interested in constructive feedback…and how well your product or service filled that need, want or desire that got them to push the buy button! 

Isn’t being a soft touch marketer much more fun than being hard core?

It feels better, doesn’t it…to give your prospect the power…rather than to take their power… through hard core sales tactics?

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