Action, Reaction, or Stretch

Now is the time for all good business men and women to “socialize” in a new and revolutionary way…action versus reaction.

Stop listening to the news reports.  Stop buying into gloom and doom.  Stop putting on your “worried face.”

Instead, start looking for new opportunities.  In your business niche, how can you lead a revolution of expansion that will help put our country on firm financial ground?

To begin, you can do the following:

  • Lead with your heart.  Find ways, such as volunteering your services in your community programs.  What skills do you have that might be useful?  For instance, if you’re a webmaster, now might be a great time to help community service programs build websites to announce program needs and how they can be filled.  Solicit your friends and neighbors. Help others find ways they can make a contribution…and remember…everything helps.
  • Commit to optimism.  Yes, the global economy looks pretty shaky right now.  The US economy isn’t bright.  Getting sucked into “the sky is falling” mentality would be easy, and has certainly captured the pessimists.  But that’s not you, right?  Now is the time to know that you can make a difference, and that the more people who believe that, the greater the potential for creating a recovery program.
  • Smile more, not less.  When we get worried, we tend to smile less.  What about you?  If there is one gift that everyone can give that is truly free, it’s your smile.  People can be  encouraged and lifted with a smile…people who are your customers and prospects.
  • Act from faith.  If the economy is to improve, it will be because the strong of heart knew that it would, and acted accordingly.  When you think a thing and truly believe it can happen, it builds upon itself.  Be a collaborator and an instigator of good stuff happening.
  • Use your social networks to communicate good news.  Hey, it doesn’t have to be an announcement that you have the instant answer to the global crisis…although if you do, please, please share.  If you found a great bargain at your grocery store, or you know someone who has extra garden produce they’d like to share, or someone in your company has had an amazingly good sales month…whatever good news you have, now is the time to shout it out.

Revolutionize your thinking.  Act, don’t react.  In this way, you will become part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem.  There’s plenty of evidence to show that small business entrepreneurs have made huge contributions to recovering economies.  Now is not the time to put your heads under the barrel, but rather the time to shine your lights in the darkest corners of this economy.

We may falter, but we need not fall.  Rather than following the herd mentality to financial slaughter, start your own herd, and lead them to the greener pastures that really are just on the other side of the fence.  So let’s open the gate.

When everyone reaches the same conclusion…this is nothing more than a momentary lapse of reason…everyone will relax and business will return to normal.  Those of you who subscribe to the philosophy in this post can relax now, because you know that it’s already there.

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