5 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media Marketing

How do you stand out from your competition?  When there are many choices from which to pick, why would your prospects come to you, and clients return to you?

What is the one thing, or the many things, you can demonstrate through social media, that most effectively markets your wares and/or skills?

Are your business strategies transparent throughout your organization, including, and most particularly in your social media content?

Let’s take a look at what you are saying…on your website and on all of your social network sites…consistently.

  1. Do you speak with courage?  Having a belief and conviction that what you are offering, whether goods or services, is relevant for your clients and prospects today.   It  must come through in your message, regardless of where it is published, or how long or short it is.  Speak from the heart, conveying the benefit, and the value your product or service has for the reader, along with your faith in yourself in bringing it to them.  Let people know that what you say can be relied on.
  2. Is your message intelligent?  Much of today’s social media content is seen as junk, and discarded before it’s even opened.  Quite frankly, with good cause.  Outsourcing can have benefits, but social media requires a special communication skill.  It must be done intelligently.  If you have a social media manager, director, or other outside party who speaks in your behalf, make sure they understand you, your organization and what you stand for.  Clear, concise, detailed messages that don’t overwhelm or throw the reader into confusion are what is called for.  Today’s readers are very savvy.  Your message must respect that and respond to it.
  3. Are you kind?  Price-gouging in today’s market will earn you few points, nor will despairing remarks about your competition.  Use your social media to share positive messages and best value (not bargain basement out-of-date throw aways) deals that benefit your client or prospect as well as you.  Share your knowledge and your prosperity in ways that benefit anyone who needs or seeks your help through any of your social media portals.
  4. Are you trustworthy?  Do you do what you say you will do?  If you promise to deliver a product within two days, is it there within two days…or two weeks, or whatever commitment you have made.  Does your social media reflect all the ways in which you demonstrate trustworthiness…testimonials, guarantees, samples or demonstrations prior to purchase?
  5. Are you loyal?  The only way to build loyalty amongst your clients and prospects is to be loyal to them…first.  Always let them know you appreciate their business. Send tokens of appreciation. A simple thank you note is often just as appreciated as a bonus or a gift.  Let those who support you know that they are important.  Use your social media outlets to convey that fact…often.

If you wonder about how you are perceived by your social media audience, why not try a survey tool such as Survey Monkey, found at www.surveymonkey.com/; or  Zoomerang On Line Surveys at: www.zoomerang.com/onlinesurveys/.

Knowing how others see you can move your social media messages in a direction that markets to the heart of what specific need is not being met in the marketplace today that you, and you alone, can best provide.

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